Materiality (key issues) towards practicing sustainability (sustainable management)

Materiality that forms the foundations for our Group’s growth

1. Employee growth

  • We work to foster and encourage our “employees,” who are the most important management resource of the Group.
  • We work to foster and encourage human resources who are autonomous and can create value by maximizing their potential in each field, working with a diverse range of people in environments that are pleasant and rewarding to work in.

2. Enhanced governance and compliance

  • Working to ensure even greater penetration of the Management Philosophy of the Group, the Matsumotokiyoshi Way*, and the Group Behavior Standards, we are enhancing the governance and compliance that form the foundation of the company, so that we can maintain and improve our management effectiveness, transparency, and corporate morals, becoming a corporate group that continues to be trusted.

Materiality that allows both solving social issues and company growth

3. Thinking of the health and beauty of our customers and local medical treatment

  • To ensure our customers can always have smiles on their faces, we will become a drugstore and pharmacy that considers the safety, peace of mind, health and beauty of our customers, and is a vital part of the community--and a lifeline in emergencies.
  • As society becomes increasingly elderly and the birthrate gets lower, we support the advancement of local medical treatment as a company that plays a role in regional health care.

4. Thinking of the Earth's health

  • Working in liaison with stakeholders and considering what it means to be “1st for the Earth,” we contribute to creating an ethical society.
  • Through sustainable marketing, we consider the health of the Earth, creating products and providing information that is truly wanted or needed.

* The “Matsumotokiyoshi Way” refers to the beliefs that everyone working here should share and the constitution they should abide by.

Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through health and beauty.

Our vison towards sustainability

In the Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group, we actively reflect the wishes and desires of all our stakeholders in our business activities, based on the Management Philosophy of the Group. We meet our social responsibilities through business activities in line with our basic policies in the same as Goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages,” based on an awareness that the very business activities based on our management philosophy of contributing to health and beauty is about achieving this SDGs, as well as our range of other activities to help achieve the SDGs.

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) initiatives

We, as a corporate group playing a role in regional healthcare fields, engage in various activities with the themes of "Self medication" and "Community based family pharmacies" as our corporate social responsibility.

SDGs Sustainable Development Goals

About the SDGs
  • The SDGs are 17 international goals that were chosen at the September 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit, and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030 in order to bring about a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive society.
  • Our Group has a sense of mission as a drugstore and pharmacy responsible for maintaining and improving public health in each region. To that end, we engage in ESG activities related to that business to become a corporate group essential in the fields of health and beauty.
  • Our Group’s ESG measures are closely connected with improving sustainability on a global scale, and contribute to the achievement of the global SDGs.
  • Our Group will place even more importance on the expansion of these measures in the future.

Our vision towards the environment

We are working on improving environmental awareness, actively participating in environmental protection activities such as saving resources.
We constantly properly consider the importance of environmental protection when researching, developing, manufacturing, selling, and disposing our products and services, and strictly comply with all related treaties, laws, etc. on the environment.

Our vision towards society

Our basic policy for activities that contribute to society is to become “1st for you.” for every stakeholder through each employee's acts with awareness of society in everyday duties.
We carry out a range of social contribution activities with “self medication” and “community-based family pharmacies” as our major themes, serving as a corporate group that plays a role in medical treatment. We aim to become a trusted corporate group where our customers can remain healthy and beautiful. To achieve the Management Philosophy of the Group, we contribute to society in ways that allow how we think, act, pride ourselves, and remain active through community services.

Our vision towards governance

In line with the Management Philosophy of the Group, we are working to ensure the standards of service our customers expect from Matsumotokiyoshi no matter where in Japan you shop, serving as your number one family pharmacy that looks after the health of you and your loved ones. Our goal is to enhance our corporate governance as a foundation to build long-term relationships of trust with all our stakeholders, including our shareholders, employees, and business partners as well as our customers, and to remain a corporate group needed by society as essential in the fields of health and beauty.