Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings is actively engaged in dealing with issues related to ESG (Environment/Society/Governance).

Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Concept

CSR through business activities (Positive CSR)

We regard "Management philosophy" and "Company ethics" as the basis of CSR. The basic policy of CSR is being the "1st for you." for every stakeholder through each employee’s acts with awareness of society in everyday duties.
Under such a policy, we, as a corporate group playing a role in the healthcare fields, engage in various activities with the themes,“Self medication” and “Community based family pharmacies” as our corporate social responsibility.

Environment Protection Activities

ECO Together (power and water conservation, garbage reduction) Campaign

Some of the proceeds from certain products (Eco Together products: household products from Kao) were donated to the Chiba Prefecture Environment Foundation. The company has been implementing activities since 2010 which have helped environmental conservation efforts in Chiba Prefecture, and as of 2014, we have expanded our scale, donating to the Nature Conservation Society of Japan.

Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings President Kiyoo Matsumoto (left) receives a certificate of appreciation from Chiba Prefecture Governor Kensaku Morita (right).

Chiba Prefecture Governor Kensaku Morita gives a certificate of appreciation to Takashi Matsumoto Senior Managing Director.

(left) The Nature Conservation Society of Japan Director Akira Kameyama (right) President Kiyoo Matsumoto March 22, 2019

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Contribution to Society through Community Activities

Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement Signed with Kindai University

Kindai University boasts a broad academic scope, with 14 departments teaching 48 different subjects. From here on in we are working with the university in various fields, putting to work our respective strengths in research, product development and human resource training. Together we will be developing human resources who are knowledgeable in beauty- and health-related, such as the pharmacists, OTC-Medicine Counselors and registered dietitians needed primarily for healthcare in regional areas of Japan. Hereby we also hope to stimulate local economies and contribute to the further development of communities.

Signing ceremony between Yoshihiko Hosoi, President of Kindai University (left) and Kiyoo Matsumoto, Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings President (right), February 26, 2019

The Kindai University-Matsumotokiyoshi Scholarship

The Kindai University-Matsumotokiyoshi Scholarship was established in August 2019 as part of a comprehensive collaboration agreement, and the first scholarship awards ceremony has already been held.The scholarships are to encourage students to engage more actively in research, and foster human resources.

Scholarship Award Ceremony
(August 29, 2019)

Matsumotokiyoshi ACT opens in Kindai University - Launch of a joint research project for private brand products

October 3, 2019 saw the kick-off of the "EAC Arc Project," a Matsumotokiyoshi private brand collaborative development project. The project was launched upon the conclusion of a comprehensive collaboration agreement that aims to foster human resources knowledgeable about beauty and health. Students, faculty and the company will cooperate in an experimental initiative for the development of new products.
"EAC" stands for Experiment, Action and Collaboration.

The energetic kick-off event took place on October 3, 2019, in the Matsumotokiyoshi ACT Room in the Kindai University Academic Theater, with samples of private brand products, including cosmetics, for participants to try out.

Scholarship System for School of Pharmacy, Nihon University

Matsumotokiyoshi aspires to become the local family pharmacy, an essential part of the community; as part of our overall drive to educate and support people in medical care. We provide support to pharmaceutical colleges, the pharmaceutical departments of universities, and students who wish to study in these fields.
The Matsumotokiyoshi (Holdings) Scholarship system was subsequently established for students studying at the School of Pharmacy, Nihon University, which is located close to our headquarters in Matsudo City, Chiba prefecture, and many of whose graduates, both men and women, now work with us. Our aim is to support students in becoming the regional medical care personnel of the future.

Matsumotokiyoshi (Holdings) Scholarship Award Ceremony, 2019

Certificate awarded by Dr. Shigeyasu Motohashi, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Nihon University

Endowed Course Established at Chiba University

From a shared awareness of the importance of being able to deal with the ever-diversifying work of insurance pharmacies due to the rapidly ageing society and the development of the separation of prescribing from dispensing, we have joined with Chiba University to establish the Drug Informatics (Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings) Endowed Course at the university's Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, with the goals of spreading the proper usage of pharmaceutical products, contributing to local medical treatment, and enhancing medical-related services.

In March 5 2013,Chiba University President Yasushi Saito (center left) and Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Chairman Namio Matsumoto (center right) shake hands firmly towards making a contribution to community medicine.

Press conference at Chiba University (March 5, 2013)

Commemorative lecture meeting at Chiba University to mark the establishment of the Pharmaceutical Information Studies (Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group) Endowment Lecture

A commemorative meeting took place at Chiba University to mark the establishment of the Pharmaceutical Information Studies (Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group) Endowment Lecture.
Home care and self-medication are becoming increasingly important as Japan’s population rapidly ages and, with that, the importance of the appropriate use of medicine. This lecture meeting was held with the aim of discussing this topic both within the university and beyond, and saw distinguished academics who are active in various fields gather to discuss the research theme of the Endowment Lecture.

The Lecture Meeting (July 4, 2013)

The Department of Drug Informatics, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University (Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Endowed Course)Practical Workshop in Sterile Formulation Processing Held

On May 29, 2016, a practical workshop in sterile formulation processing was held in the Chiba University Inohana Campus General Research Building by the Department of Drug Informatics, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University (Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Endowed Course).

This workshop was designed to help teach pharmacists working in pharmacies knowledge and techniques related to sterile formulation to promote home-based medical care.

More than twenty people participated on the day, filling the venue and making it a success.We hope to continue contributing through holding these workshops offered by Chiba University to the development and training of pharmacists who play a guiding role through advanced knowledge, skills, and professionalism.

Sterile formulation training
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Fundraising Activities

Collection of donations for Solaputi Kids' Camp

The Solaputi Kids' Camp in Japan offer outdoor experiences and clinical facilities for approximately 200,000 children fighting incurable diseases in Japan. Our group, a member of the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores (JACDS), is collecting donations for the camp construction to support the efforts of the association.

そらぷちキッズキャンプは日本ではじめての「病気とたたかう子どもたちのための自然体験施設」実現に向けたプロジェクトです ご協力ありがとうございました。そらぷちキッズキャンプの募金(2019年4月1日〜2019年9月17日)は3,190,543円となりました。皆さまからお預りしました募金は日本チェーンドラッグストア協会を通して、責任をもってお届けさせていただきました。 Solaputi Kids' Camp

2019 Typhoons No.s 15 & 19 Disaster Relief Donations

To help out everyone who was affected by the disasters caused by Typhoons No.s 15 and 19 in 2019, Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group stores solicited donations in-store, and all these donations from customers, our staff, and Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings were donated to the Chiba Prefectural Government Office to help with relief from Typhoon No. 15, and to the Japanese Red Cross Society via the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores to help with disaster relief for Typhoon No. 19.

Relief Fund for The Heavy Rain of July, Heisei 30

Following the Heavy Rain of July, Heisei 30, Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd., its affiliates, and its stores held an emergency fundraising. The donations from our customers, as well as our store staff and from the Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group, have donated via Matsumotokiyoshi Chu-Shikoku Co., Ltd. to the prefectures of Okayama and Hiroshima.

Contribution Activities for Victims of the Taiwan Earthquake

Following the major earthquake that struck Taiwan in February 2018, Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group held an emergency fundraising drive for those affected by the disaster.

Relief Fund for the torrential rain disaster in Northern Kyushu

Emergency fund raising activities were carried out at all stores and offices of the Matsumotokiyoshi Group against the torrential rain disaster in Northern Kyushu in July 2017. The donation was presented to Fukuoka Prefecture and Oita Prefecture for local reconstruction.

Relief Fund for the Nepal Earthquake

Following the major earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015, Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group held an emergency fundraising drive for those affected by the disaster.

Relief Fund for the torrential rain disaster in Hiroshima City

Collection boxes were provided at stores operated by Matsumotokiyoshi Chu-Shikoku Co., Ltd. and emergency fundraising was conducted as a response to the torrential rain disaster in Hiroshima City, which occurred in August 2014. The deep condolences of our customers and store staff, together with donations provided by Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings and Matsumotokiyoshi Chu-Shikoku headquarters were contributed to Hiroshima City for disaster relief purposes.

Relief Fund for flooded Amami district in southern Japan

In response to serious flooding in the Amami district of Kagoshima Prefecture in October 2010, the retail outlets of Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd., MIDORIYAKUHIN Co., Ltd. (now Matsumotokiyoshi Kyusyu Co., Ltd.) and about 1,200 other outlets of the group's operating companies throughout Japan collected emergency relief funds.

Relief Fund for the Iwate/Miyagi Earthquake

An emergency fund-raising drive for the Iwate/Miyagi Earthquake that struck in June 2008 was held among the more than 1,000 Matsumotokiyoshi Group stores nationwide, primarily those of Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd. and MK East Japan Co., Ltd. (now Matsumotokiyoshi East Co., Ltd.).
Donations from customers were delivered to the Health and Welfare Department of the Miyagi Prefectural Government in September that year.

Relief Fund for The Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake in 2007

An emergency fund-raising drive for The Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake in 2007 was held among the companies in the Matsumotokiyoshi Group, primarily Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd. and Kenko Kazoku Drug Corporation (now Matsumotokiyoshi Kou-Shin-Etsu Co., Ltd.).
Donations from customers were delivered to the Niigata Prefectural Emergency Response Headquarters in September that year.

Relief Fund for The Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004

Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd. held a fund-raising drive for The Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004 that struck in October 2004. Donations from customers, Matsumotokiyoshi Headquarters and the labor union were collected and presented to the Niigata Prefectural Emergency Response Headquarters in December that year.

We hereby express our sincere appreciation to everyone who helped in these fund-raising efforts.

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Promotion of Self-Medication

Forums in taking responsibility for one's own health

Our group is conducting promotional activities to educate the public in ways to maintain their own health, acting in a responsible advisory capacity to suggest how to improve their health and beauty. The program includes always-popular forums facilitated by reputable experts.

Latest Self-medication Forum

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Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance

Reconstruction Assistance for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

The Matsumotokiyoshi Group is working hard to contribute to providing support for the victims of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake that struck on April 14, 2016, and to recovery work in the disaster area.

Scholarship System Adopted by the Sojo University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

There are families and people who still have trouble keeping up with academic studies and research owing to financial difficulties caused by the disaster. This scholarship system was adopted in the hope that it would help provide financial support to nurture strong-willed students capable of contributing to the disaster recovery work and local medical care.

Commemorative photograph with scholarship students
(November 2, 2016)
Channeling Donations

Donations were raised from April 16 to May 16, 2016, through donation boxes in around 1,550 Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group stores. We are pleased to report that a great many customers have given generously from their goodness of their hearts, and we have passed this money on to an agency, accompanied by our own donations.

Relief funds donated by customers 15,725,729 yen
Relief funds donated by Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group 4,274,271 yen
Total donated relief money 20,000,000 yen
Donation of Relief Supplies
1) First Donation (arr. April 20)

Via the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores, we donated products required by the affected areas.
(Delivered to Aqua Dome Kumamoto)

Relief Supplies Amounts
Cleaning cotton (100 packs per package) 300
Medicated liquid hand soap (200 ml) 200
Masks (disposable masks, larger sizes) (65 per package) 3,600
Masks (disposable masks, women and children’s sizes) (65 per package) 3,600
Adhesive plasters (100 per package) 240
Compresses (32 per package) 200
Plastic bags (garbage bags) (50 per package) 400
Size AA batteries (20 per package) 900
2) Second Donation (arr. April 22)

Via the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores, we donated products required by the affected areas.
(Delivered to Kumamoto City Kita Ward Office)

Relief Supplies Amounts
Analgesics (50 tablets per package) 900
Gastrointestinal drugs (12 doses per package) 100
Cold medicine (45 tablets per package) 100
Adhesive plasters (100 per package) 360
Disinfecting alcohol wet tissues (100 sheets per package) 2,400
Paper cups (50 per package) 640
Paper plates (10 per package) 320
Disposable chopsticks (100 pairs per package) 500
Garbage bag (50 per package) 120
Plastic wrap 30cm × 22m 660
Size D batteries (2 per package) 350
Size C batteries (2 per package) 350
Previous Activities
1) Employment of Class of 2017 Graduates

In addition to our initially-scheduled dates, the Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group will hold company briefings and selection meetings for students in the Kyushu area as well as students affected by the earthquake when we can confirm that the effects of the quake have been restored back to normal. This will allow us to provide safe and fair selection opportunities for new 2017 academic year graduates in the affected regions as they look for jobs.

2) Support for Local Operations

To strengthen the links between “the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group Task Force” and “the Matsumotokiyoshi Kyusyu Co., Ltd. Task Force” , understand the situation in the affected area, and support store operations, the Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Head Office formed a Local Measures Support Team and dispatched them on April 17th.

The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support

Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Scholarship System Adopted by School of Pharmacy of Iwate Medical University

Reconstruction of the affected areas is still underway. The economic impact of the disaster on families and individuals means that there are those who find it difficult to continue their studies. This scholarship is to support strongly driven students and thus help develop human resources who can contribute to reconstruction and medical care in disaster-struck areas. In consideration of this, the scholarship has been offered since 2014. This support will be continued in order to encourage students who can play an active role as pharmacists in the future.

Scholarship Award Ceremony
(August 21, 2019)
Donation of relief funds

The Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings group has donated a total of 120 million yen to the five prefectures most severely affected by the disasters (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and Chiba Prefectures).

Collection of donations

Group stores have encouraged the general public to make cash donations in boxes and donations of their Cash Points. A total of Yen 87,734,270 raised this way was donated through the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores (JACDS) to the Japanese Red Cross Society, to be given to afflicted areas.

Dispatch of pharmacists

The group represents working pharmacists as member of the Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores (JACDS). In that role, the group dispatched pharmacists to an evacuation site in Fukushima Prefecture in March 2011, and to Miyagi Prefecture in May. As support for the affected areas, the pharmacists provided prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as health consultation and mental healthcare.

A temporary office for the Ishinomaki Pharmacists Association in Miyagi Prefecture (VITAL-NET Ishinomaki Branch)
Donation of relief supplies

In response to requests for aid from the stricken areas, our group has donated supplies valued at a total of 30 million yen, primarily products required for daily life and sanitation.

On April 18, 2011, relief supplies were loaded onto this truck at Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings HQ and delivered directly as a donation to the emergency supply center at Ishinomaki City Hall.
Employment support measures

Our group expanded its employment criteria to hire graduates who were not hired at other companies due to the disasters, and to hire other graduates unable to find work elsewhere.

Energy conservation

In response to electricity shortages, during our daily operations we are lowering energy consumption as much as our customers find acceptable, and are reducing electricity use at group offices as much as possible without jeopardizing business continuity.

Less illumination at Ginza 5th Store
"Hang In There Japan" Reconstruction Support Plan

Matsumotokiyoshi implemented a plan to donate 1% of all sales of products listed in the March 27, 2011 advertising circular. We donated 6,779,835 yen to Ashinaga (NPO), to be used for lump-sum payments, scholarship loans, conducting mental healthcare programs, and other activities for children orphaned by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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Other Support Activities

Material support for the Nagano Prefecture Mountaineering Distress Measures Association

Donated our private brand products to help support the permanently-stationed summer patrol members of the Nagano Prefecture Mountaineering Distress Measures Association as well as the Nagano Prefectural Police Mountain Rescue Squad.

(left)Mr. Masato Nakamura Nagano Prefecture Tourism Department Manager(Vice-Chairman of the Nagano Prefecture Mountaineering Distress Measures Association)
(right)President Kiyoo Matsumoto

Donation of type N95 particulate respirators for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Task Force in Miyazaki Prefecture

In July 2010, our group donated type N95 particulate respirators to the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Task Force in Miyazaki Prefecture, to be used by people doing on-site work there and others working in that sector.

Donation of portion of sales revenues for Pink Ribbon Campaign

Part of the revenues from sales of Lung Ta shampoo, an MK Customer brand product celebrating its second year(2010) on the market, was donated by our group to the Pink Ribbon Campaign, which is working to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

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Disaster Support

Establishment of disaster-time agreements with local governments

List of agreements when disasters occur

Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd.

January 2001:
Yachiyo City, Chiba

September 2014:
Matsudo City, Chiba

March 2016:
Tachikawa City, Tokyo

April 2016:
Tomisato City, Chiba

October 2016:
Kashiwa City, Chiba

December 2016:
Noda City, Chiba

August 2017:
Abiko City, Chiba

September 2017:
Kamagaya City, Chiba

November 2018:
Inazawa City,Aichi

April 2019:
Kokubunji City,Tokyo

January 2020:
Okegawa City,Saitama

Matsumotokiyoshi East Co., Ltd.

March 2009:
Tome City, Miyagi

May 2016:
Kurihara City, Miyagi

June 2016:
Tagajo City, Miyagi

January 2017:
Ninohe City, Iwate

Matsumotokiyoshi Kyusyu Co., Ltd.

November 2016:
Tomigusuku City, Okinawa

Matsumotokiyoshi Kou-Shin-Etsu Co., Ltd.

September 2016:
Minobu Town, Minamikoma Gun, Yamanashi

December 2016:
Takamori Town, Shimoina Gun, Nagano

October 2019:
Suwa Town, Suwa Gun, Nagano

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Cooperation Efforts with Various Communities

Matsumotokiyoshi Kashiwa Sakaine Store made local crime prevention location

On November 13, 2015, a Crime Prevention Box was established in the parking lot of the Matsumotokiyoshi Kashiwa Sakaine Store, which has been selected as a local crime prevention center by Chiba Prefecture. An inauguration ceremony held that day was attended by the Governor of Chiba Prefecture Kensaku Morita and Company President Kiyoo Matsumoto. The Box is staffed by Safety Advisors who are former members of the Chiba Prefectural Police, who work to improve safety and security in the district.

Crime Prevention Box

Chiba Prefecture Governor Morita exchanging a firm handshake with President Matsumoto

AED(Automatic External Defibrillator) was installed in the stores

Fibrillation treatment (applying electric shock to the heart) used to be handled only by people with medical qualifications, such as physicians and emergency life-saving technicians. However, now it is allowed to be handled by unqualified people using AED. We are installed AED from May 2014. As a company playing a role in community healthcare, we keep contributing to the communities life saving activities.

Inner training for the operation
and life saving treatment

Participation in the Kodomo 110-ban child protection program

Kodomo 110-ban* is a program established with the cooperation of the police to protect children from becoming victims of crime by providing emergency safe havens where they can go to seek help. Our group's CSR activities include support for this program, and in this way too we contribute to the safety and security of communities, helping them protect children, who are our future. (*Dialing "110" connects the caller to the police.)

Outline of the Community Pharmacy Support Program

Based on the “Patient-Focused Pharmacies” approach promoted by the national government, we help solve problems faced by member pharmacies through our Community Pharmacy Support Program in order to create pharmacies that will be chosen for the services they provide, not their locations.

Expanding member pharmacies nationwide
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Health Statement and Health Management Policy

Health Statement of the Matsumotokiyoshi Group

Based on the Management Philosophy of the Group, the Matsumotokiyoshi Group serves customers' health needs, and provides support for health enhancement. For this reason, it is essential that employees themselves be in good health, in order to provide stores that are as customer-friendly as possible.
Our Group therefore considers the physical and mental health of its employees, who support the company's growth, and their families, as an important business resource. We provide active support for the maintenance and enhancement of employees' health, and promote good health on an organizational level. In this way, we seek to have each employee live daily life with vigor, in the best possible health, while we contribute as a company to the development of local healthcare and economies.

Kiyoo Matsumoto
Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.
October 1, 2018

Health Management Policy of the Matsumotokiyoshi Group

The Matsumotokiyoshi Group establishes a policy for health management on the basis of the Health Statement of the Matsumotokiyoshi Group, with the aim of maintaining and enhancing the physical and mental health of its employees and their families, and providing a pleasant work environment conductive to good health.

Organizational Measures
1. The Matsumotokiyoshi Group establishes a Health Management Promotion Task Team, headed by the President, for the purpose of promoting and implementing health management.
2. The Health Management Promotion Task Team shall set an annual or medium-term implementation plan for health management, and pursue its implementation in cooperation with the Hygiene Committee and other such bodies.
3. The Health Management Promotion Task Team shall regularly report to the Management Council on the state of health management implementation.

The Matsumotokiyoshi Group supports health promotion in order for each employee and member of each employee's family to take measures to maintain and enhance their own physical and mental health. Taking legal compliance as its basis, the Group systematically and comprehensively undertakes the following health management using the following framework, from the perspective of preventive medical care.
i) First-line prevention: Promotion of measures conducive to the improvement of the workplace environment, such as more proactive workplace communication.
ii) Second-line prevention: Promotion of measures conducive to disease prevention, such as health education through training, and immunization programs.
iii) Third-line prevention: Promotion of measures conducive to early discovery of and early measures against disease, such as thoroughgoing implementation of medical check-ups, and health maintenance guidance following medical check-ups.
iv) Fourth-line prevention: Promotion of measures conducive to prevention of disease recurrence and of increase in disease severity, such as the introduction of regulations and structures to deal with time off work and a system governing return to work, among others.

Established October 1, 2018

Matsumotokiyoshi Group’s True professionalism, bolstered further by thorough training programs

Enhanced specialist education

We provide personalized customer services and conduct training programs for sales staff, to ensure customer loyalty in our local Family Drugstores.

Matsumotokiyoshi Group Training System

Matsumotokiyoshi Group Training System

Initiatives in Which Female Staff Can be Active and Grow Together with the Company

Female Staff Activation Project

Initiatives for allowing female staff to grow together with the company and be active in a wide range of forums are indispensable for maintaining high levels of competitiveness and sustainable growth within the company. Matsumotokiyoshi initiated positive action ahead of the field, and we have promoted the employment of female managers ever since. A project enabling female staff to “Challenge Store Manager” was launched within the personnel system in April 2012, and they are active in the hospitality field. We are currently engaged in the activation of female staff with the use of personnel policies, and have launched a Female Staff Activation Project that aims at creating model working environments that will appeal to the next generation. We will also actively adopt other initiatives to create environments in which female staff can grow alongside the company.

Activation in stores and organizations

Ratio of female management

We have proactively established a system to promote the roles of women.

Ratio of female management

Career-based specialist education

Makeup Seminar

Makeup Seminar

Home-based physical assessment training

Training to improve the quality of OTC Medicine Counselors

Next-generation healthcare blood test practicum

For students: Training pharmacists and instruction for pharmacy practicums

Registered dietitian consultations (OJT)

Sterile formulation training

Responding to diverse customer needs

Our group will continue to open new drugstores that put customer needs and convenience first. We are always keen to offer even more comprehensive services in our prescription pharmacies and dispensing business and are increasing the number of pharmacies with extended business hours.

Prescription pharmacy located near a hospital

Prescription pharmacy (mall location)

Drugstore with dispensing facility

Prescription reception counter

Number of prescription pharmacies and stores with dispensing facilities

Number of prescription pharmacies and stores with dispensing facilities

※Net sales figures are the simple aggregate of sales of retail operating companies.


At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, an action plan to ensure humanity, the Earth, and prosperity was declared. It included the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), seventeen goals that member nations should try to reach by 2030. Reaching these goals will require the active participation of not just nations, but companies as well.
At the Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Group, as part of our management with a view to the future based on our management philosophy, we want to keep these SDGs in mind as a tool to understand the expectations and desires of all our stakeholders and to grow our activities. Our Group intends to uses its business activities to contribute to achieving these goals while still fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Matsumotokiyoshi Group Training System