Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd.

Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd. Aiming to be an advanced marketing company in the fields of health & beauty

President Takashi Matsumoto As the core company of Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings, we drive growth through advanced businesses development based on data analysis.

The company, Matsumotokiyoshi was founded in 1932 in the Kogane of Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture as a private-run enterprise, "Matsumoto Pharmacy," and has now celebrated its 88th anniversary of founding. We have expanded our market share by dominating the three major urban areas in the Kanto, Tokai and Kansai regions.
At present, we are promoting the expansion of a business format that increases our specialization in health and beauty to cater to market needs, along with our digital marketing strategy responding to the diversification of consumer behavior. As the core company of Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings, we take the lead in expanding Group businesses.
By analyzing the data of consumer behavior from awareness to purchase, using our contact with large numbers of customers, we can carry out marketing activities that are advanced for the retail industry, allowing us to strive to become an advanced digital marketing company in the field of health and beauty.

Corporate name
Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd.
9-1 Shinmatsudo-Higashi,
Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-8501  Japan
December, 1932
Promoting area domination focused on the Kanto, Tokai, and Kansai regions

As one member of Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings, our company Matsumotokiyoshi interprets the basic management philosophy of the group as follows:

We have expanded the meaning of “You” of the management philosophy, “1st for you”In this case,“You” means all stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved in our business.
  • Customers We are proud to bring satisfaction to customers by supporting their pursuit of good health and beauty.
  • Employees We want our employees to find satisfaction in their work, and to achieve personal growth as contributing members of society.
  • Client enterprises We are promoting the development of the company together with client enterprises and all people and organizations we have business relations with.
  • Local communities Through our activities as a corporate entity we contribute to the well-being of local communities.
  • Shareholders We share profits with shareholders. These are the ways we work for our many stakeholders.

Business Contents

Matsumotokiyoshi Store Model

We are opening up a range of stores to match sites and customers.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Store ・ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Store ・ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Store ・ matsukiyo LAB Shin-Matsudo Eki-mae Store ・ OUTLET Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari Store ・ Koshigaya Nishikata Store (Suburban-type drugstore) ・ matsuklyo LAB SUPPLEMENT Bar ・ matsukiyo LAB BEAUTYCARE Studio ・ matsukiyo LAB HEALTHCARE Lounge ・ Sweetie Nail ・ Matsumotokiyoshi online store ・ Cross-border EC: Tmall Global

Franchise Stores

Nishi-Oi Eki-mae Store (TOKYU STATION RETAIL SERVICE) ・ Makuhari Hongo Store (Keisei Store Co., Ltd.) ・ Seiseki Sakuragaoka Store (Keio Store Co., Ltd.) ・ Keikyu Haneda Airport International Terminal Station Store (KEIKYU STORE CO., Ltd.) ・ Maehara Store (SAN-A Co., Ltd.) ・ Dg'S Asaba Store (Entetsu Store Co., Ltd.) ・ Takashimaya Duty Free SHILLA & ANA Shinjuku Store (A&S Takashimaya Duty Free Company Limited)

Corporate Profile (PDF)