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Message from the Top Executive

Aiming to be No. 1 in Asia in the health and beauty fields

Namio Matsumoto Chairman Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.

To become a corporate group trusted
and supported by all stakeholders

In 2007, Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings set its goals to be the achiever of sustained growth and the improvement of its corporate value, under the banner of our corporate motto,"1st for you." Our corporate group includes 12 consolidated subsidiaries, 2 non-consolidated subsidiaries, 2 affiliate companies, and 17 franchise businesses (as of the end of March 2020). Its core business areas are mainly retail sales through chain stores such as drugstores and health insurance prescription pharmacies, as well as wholesale and management support.
As of the end of March 2020, our network of 1,717 stores covered 46 prefectures, and with the opening of our first store in Wakayama Prefecture in June 2020, our Group network now covers every prefecture in Japan. Overseas business is expanding smoothly, with cross-border electronic commerce with China, and the opening of Matsumotokiyoshi stores in Thailand and Taiwan. We also plan to open our first store in Vietnam this fiscal year. In addition, as of January 31, 2020, we have signed a basic memorandum of agreement regarding business merger with cocokara fine Inc. and a contract for a capital and business alliance with an aim towards a business merger. Our Group aims to become a corporate group essential in the fields of health and beauty, and eventually to become number one in Asia in these fields.

松本 南海雄

Kiyoo Matsumoto President Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.

We view change as opportunity,
pursuing customer satisfaction

At Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings, all employees make a shared promise called the "Matsumotokiyoshi WAY." The "WAY" contains our philosophy of continuing to be "an upbeat organization with an ever fresh approach." With the spread of smartphones, our customers’ purchasing patterns are no longer limited to shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, collecting information at home or on the go, and online shopping have become common. We see this change towards wanting to shop freely as a business chance to engage in creative ingenuity. We are promoting digital-based initiatives that eliminate the constraints of both “channels”--both brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping including “time and place” such as home, going out, or on the go. We also aim to provide the same levels of service to customers overseas as we do in Japan, creating deeper sense of connections that go beyond nationalities or shopping channels.
Along with implementing a capital and business alliance with cocokara fine Inc. starting this fiscal year, we are also moving ahead with final negotiations for a business merger. In general,what is important is not just simple issues of magnitude, but drawing on our mutual strengths to continue to pursue customer satisfaction. By sharing the data and experiences of both companies, we can deepen our understanding of our customers and improve our shops, as well as the services we provide. That is what we see as our purpose. Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings will continue to use free and vigorous ingenuity to adapt to the various changes in purchasing patterns in our own business environment,contributing to the health and beauty of our customers.

松本 清雄