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Striving to be thegNumber 1hfor everyone.

Namio Matsumoto Chairman Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.

Challenging and growing to satisfy every customer

Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings has set its goals to be the achiever of sustained growth and the improvement of its corporate value, under the banner of our corporate motto, "1st for you." Our corporate group includes 13 consolidated subsidiaries and 2 affiliate company, and its core business areas are mainly retail sales of chain stores, such as drugstores and health insurance prescription pharmacies, as well as wholesale and management support. As of the end of March 2018, our network of 1,604 stores covers 45 prefectures nationwide. Overseas business is smoothly expanding, with cross-border electronic commerce with China, Matsumotokiyoshi stores being opened in Thailand, and expanding our drugstore business in Taiwan. We expect that our business environment will continue to be challenging; nevertheless, we aim to become "the company with a trillion Yen in sales in the health and beauty field" as our management vision describes and implement a priority plan established in line with our mid-term business strategy. We will utilize the database we have on our customers to provide detailed support through a diverse range of store arrangements that suit today's every-changing lifestyles and personal needs. In addition, we will enhance the development and sales of private brand products based on customer-focused marketing and ensure our competitive edge by providing high level of specialization and convenience, with a goal to become a corporate group trusted and supported by all our stakeholders. With this corporate vision in mind, we will continue to work unceasingly by constantly tackling new challenges and endeavor to grow as a corporation.

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Kiyoo Matsumoto President Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.

We respond to the needs of the time
on the basis of our management philosophy

At Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings, all employees make a shared promise called the "Matsumotokiyoshi WAY."
The "WAY" contains our philosophy of continuing to be gan upbeat organization with an ever fresh approach."
The rapid spread of smartphones has resulted in additional diversity in that customer purchasing habits not only include visits to stores, but also a pronounced increase in the use of EC. This change in purchasing habits does not mean that customer needs themselves have changed; it is a manifestation of an inherent desire to gshop freelyh brought about by technological advances.
Because of these changes in the times, we at Matsumotokiyoshi are constantly considering business opportunities that incorporate ingenuity.
We have already involved ourselves in EC business and have received a certain amount of support. However, what we really need to accomplish is not simply reinforcing our EC projects, but catering to the desire of customers to gshop freelyh. We believe that the role we should play is to eliminate the concepts of store and EC gchannelsh and the gtime and placeh aspects of being at home, being out and about, and being on the move, and instead move ahead with an omni-channel strategy.
Ever since our establishment, Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings has continued to carry out business based on our management philosophy of gproviding beauty and healthh to customers.The times change, but our philosophy remains deep-rooted, so we intend to adopt initiatives to cater to the changes in the times with free and easy ingenuity without modifying this underpinning philosophy.